Mortgage Warehouse Line of Credit


Mortgage Warehouse Lines of Credit for Mortgage Banking is the next logical step for Mortgage Brokers who are topped out. With lenders setting your comp plans, and ever more disclosure regulations, it is fast becoming a necessary next step to continue growth.


Warehouse Line-more profitibility for brokers

Warehouse Line- The Turning Point

 Warehouse Lines Program Highlights

NO Net Worth requirements for Broker to Banker Program (Training Provided)- PERFECT for brand new bankers

No Personal Guarantees on our Broker to Banker Program

Leverage up to 15:1 dependent upon full credit package.

Broker to Banker program, with full training and a correspondent line to go with it.

Warehouse lines of credit ranging from $1,000,000 to $50,000,000

• Unlimited  funding capacity.

National- 50 states- warehouse lender and correspondent program for purchas eof closed loans.
(see warehouse lines section for full benefits of obtaining line)
* Must meet minimum state and agency requirements to qualify


As a Mortgage Banker/ Direct Lender With Your Own Warehouse Line of Credit, YOUR COMPANY Will Be Able To:
  • Fund Loans in your own company name
  • Set your own compensation levels and plans
  • Choose whether or not to disclose lender premium or SRP
  • Make more money per banked mortgage loan unit
  • Earn the “spread” while your mortgage loan is being bought off of your mortgage warehouse line
  • Control the entire mortgage loan process; pricing, processing, underwriting and funding


For existing mortgage bankers and direct lenders, for perhaps the first time, you can make more money on your existing pipeline. In most cases a quarter more or better on as much as a 20-25% of your pipeline.